The World of Crusify

Crusify: Dro'xundus is a medieval fantasy MUD. The game runs on a highly modified ROM/Anatolia codebase. Roleplay is strictly enforced and is supported by a unique emote system. PK is restricted.

The world of Crusify is large, with some 11,500 rooms spread over many areas. Each area caters to specific levels and tailored to provide special challenges for these levels. There are built-in quests in the game, but the staff also runs quests and events on a regular basis.

Crusify Mud is made up of animal races and species. Players level from 1-100, then have the option to remort (become reincarnated) into a different species. New species become available as the amount of times you remort increases and there are also benefits available to
specific species. There is a full staff with help files galore; very newbie friendly!

In Crusify, you can play any role that you want and become anyone you want to be. The story is dynamic and you can just jump right into the heart of it. In Cities of Crusify, nothing is exactly as it seems.

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